Wednesday, 20 September 2017

High Protein Foods

 High Protein Foods 

 There are large amount of vegetables which contains high amount of protein content .These protein content in vegetables are more that the meat and fish .If persons who are preferring gym these veggies are best option for protein content.Even thought there are protein powders which are available immediate can be taken as a drinking liquids.But veggies are much better that the shakes and powders .And also veggies which are much available can act as a high protein content.


Its structure looks like a cauliflower and has green colour .It contains high amount of nutrients than any vegetables rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins .Broccoli improves bone health, hearth health , digestive system, and also helps in maintaining proper diet.Fight with cancer causing cells and great for detoxification .

Black Beans:

Black beans contains protein 7.6 g per ½-cup serving.It was rich in finer folate and potassium and high range of nutrients .


Corn which is a amazing food topping for most of the recipes and also had a bag of proteins .It can also act as diet finer .It can be used in salads ,soups and sandwiches etc.

Spinach is good leaf veggie which was loaded with high content of protein 3 g per ½-cup serving .It also contains iron ,antioxidants well and also good for diet mode


Getting fresh peas in good season is the best option and peas contains lots of nutrients and protein content in high level .Although peas are not available in all the seasons it can be available in for pf peanut butter etc.Peas are high in iron content which helps in healthy brain activities.

Wild Rice:

Wild rice contains Protein of6.5 g per 1-cup serving (cooked).It has slight difference in case. And slightly chewy texture .Its acts good meal in cool weather .You can try for better results with cranberries and goat cheese. 


Mushrooms are natural products available in rainy season taking this are high in nutrients and protein content they also use in making slides and masala items with oil seasonings.

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Home Made Remedies for Minor Burns

Home Made Remedies for Minor Burns

Small burns occurs due to catching hot vessels and some hot water pours on hands and while burning some eatable items like chapati roti etc.To get immediate treatment at that spot use the materials I.e remedies that are already available in your kitchen .

Turmeric powder: It is the first natural product to heal wounds and cuts ,It helps in rejuvenation of skin.By adding the small quantity of honey with turmeric powder applying helps in healing the small burns.It also acts as an antibacterial benefits and also used as facemark which helps in reducing the acnes ,pimples, scars etc.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is often treated as the “burn plant.” It works in effectively healing the burns .It acts as an antibacterial inflaming and also reduces swelling stimulates skin repair and helps in fast healing of that area.

Honey: Honey is one of the best antibacterial natural medicine which also helps in small burns .It not only gives good taste but also fights against infection.After applying a small amount of the honey in the burn part it also show the cooling and relieving effect.Apply this twice a day.

Vanila: Vanilla acts as a cooling agent to the burn .Take a small piece of cotton swabs and apply around the burn areas.The alcohol evaporation will extract and Cool the burn by reducing the pain.

Black Tea: Black was rich in tannic acid and helps to throw out the heat from the burns and reduces the pain.Take two teabags and make them wet and just rub on the effected area using gauze .It helps in relieving pain and make coolness in the effected part.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is high in content of vitamin Which acts as highly antibacterial oxidants against burns.Take a small swab of cotton and apply around the affected area .Note: don’t rub hardly.

Lavender Oil: Lavender Oil cures the burns quickly and reduces the pain .Take one teaspoon of pure lavender oil and mix with two ounces of water in a bottle and apply on the effected area

Milk: Milk soothes and helps in healing the burns apply milk for 15 minutes for high relief and its helps in cooling the wounded part.

Better to avoid: Ice: Irritates the skin
Egg yolk: Creates bacterial Infection
Butter:It retains heat and created bacterial
Oil :continues to burn
ToothPaste: Create Infection

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Coconut Oil And its Health Benefits

Coconut oil and its Health Benefits

Coconut oil is one of the best food.It is used for cooking ,natural medicine and also foe natural beauty treatments etc.Today there are many strides proves the health benefits of coconut oil.Its one of the good source for the growth of hair and helps in having hair structure and also protects the skin .Coconut oil also helps in controlling the dandruff in hair .The milk taken from the coconut is used for reducing hair fall and growing hair sequentially.

Fights against hair fall:
Mix equal quantities if badam and coconut oil with and have a massage by touching the scalp for 15 min and rinse the hair with water .It helps in stopping the hair fall.

One of the best source for health :
Coconut oil coconut oils contains 50 % of the fat which has high content of Lauric acid also improves mental performance and improves hormone production in the body.The Lauric acid is antibacterial and helps in improvement too the immune system.

Coconut oil or sesame oil :
The cells in head are the reasons for the hair growth .By having the proper blood circulation it results in the growth of hair.Warm some small quantity of the coconut or seasame oil and apply on the scalp and massage it for 5-10 min .

Improve Wound Healing
To get rid of wound healing coconut oils is one of the major source which act as a natural medical source .It can be applied to wounds cuts and scars etc.It can be also as a natural medicine.

Health Benefits:
  • Protects from UV rays which are released by sun.
  • Increase the thyroid health 
  • Helps to boost metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Increase bone strength
  • Fight against antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties
  • Receives Irritation and Eczema
  • Fights against infections and relieves from insect bites 
  • Reduces wound healing and increase bone health
  • Improves liver health

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

5 Side effects of using Sunscreen

                    5 Side effects of using Sunscreen

side effects of sunscreen

                                5 Side effects of using Sunscreen

We are usually told to use a sunscreen while going out in the sun. Sunscreen is required, particularly to stop skin cancers, sunburn, and early aging. But, chemical sunscreens can have side effects and pretend risks due to some medications used in them such as tetracyclines, sulfa drugs, phenothiazines etc.
The some of the side effects occur using sunscreen are

1. Allergic Reactions:

Sunscreens contain some chemicals that can make skin irritation such as redness, swelling, irritation, and itching. Some people produce severe allergic reactions with rashes and intense itching. that may result in allergic reaction. PABA is ideally used in many popular sunscreens that can cause a high rate of allergic reactions.

2. Sunscreens Can Make Acne Worse:

If you have acne-prone skin, unusual chemicals in the sunscreen product can worsen your problem. To get rid of this side effect of sunscreen, you can take non-comedogenic and non-oily sunscreens. It is recommended to use a sunscreen best suited for your skin type. Avoid using body sunscreens on the face, as these are extremely heavy.

3.Eye Irritation:

Making sunscreen into the eye can make pain and eye irritation. This can also lead to burning and temporary sensitivity to light. Some require that chemical sunscreens can also cause darkness. If the sunscreen gets in the eyes, rinse them completely with cool water or see your doctor.

4.Raises The Risk Of Breast Cancer:

Sunscreen contains components that can have estrogenic effects on breast cancer cells. Some sunscreens can have impacts on blood estrogen levels. Avoid using chemical sunscreens on your children, as their skin minds to absorb the chemicals directly.

5.Pain in Hairy Areas:

There are types of sunscreen that can be difficult to choose from. They are also prepared in many forms like gels, lotions, sprays, ointments, creams and wax sticks. It is your personal choice to choose the type of sunscreen. Gels are best for hairy areas like the scalp or the male chest. Some sunscreens can guide to hardening or drying of the skin and can make the pain in hairy areas.

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Homemade Foot Scrub

                                    Homemade Foot Scrub

                                                       Homemade Foot Scrub

Due to dryness and dirt on feet splits occur. The crack becomes harder and rougher outer. We can prevent this cracks at home with a natural way with homemade scrubs.

Ingredients used to make homemade scrub:

  •  White sugar – 1 cup
  •  Baking soda- 2 tablespoon
  •  Olive oil – 2 tablespoon
  •  Honey- 2 tablespoon


  • Sugar which acts as a scrub taken in a bowl
  • Olive oil acts as a good moisturizer, it clears the oiliness.Add the olive oil to the sugar and stir well.
  • Baking soda is a natural exfoliant and cleans the skin. It controls the Ph balance of the skin to ensure moisturization.
  • Honey removes the lumps and acts as an anti-aging and nourishes the dark parched skin
  • Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and stir well(don't use your hands) and store in a cool place.This scrub lasts for 2 weeks

How to use:

  • Use this scrub before a shower.
  • Massage in a circular motion and focus on the rough spots.
  • Once you wash your feet, your feet will remain moisturized because of the oil.
  • You may use this scrub for the hand also.
  • The Sponge/pumice stone removes dead skin cells for the deeper entrance of moisture.
  • After that moisturize your feet and wear can do this at night time.

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