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5 Side effects of using Sunscreen

                    5 Side effects of using Sunscreen

side effects of sunscreen

                                5 Side effects of using Sunscreen

We are usually told to use a sunscreen while going out in the sun. Sunscreen is required, particularly to stop skin cancers, sunburn, and early aging. But, chemical sunscreens can have side effects and pretend risks due to some medications used in them such as tetracyclines, sulfa drugs, phenothiazines etc.
The some of the side effects occur using sunscreen are

1. Allergic Reactions:

Sunscreens contain some chemicals that can make skin irritation such as redness, swelling, irritation, and itching. Some people produce severe allergic reactions with rashes and intense itching. that may result in allergic reaction. PABA is ideally used in many popular sunscreens that can cause a high rate of allergic reactions.

2. Sunscreens Can Make Acne Worse:

If you have acne-prone skin, unusual chemicals in the sunscreen product can worsen your problem. To get rid of this side effect of sunscreen, you can take non-comedogenic and non-oily sunscreens. It is recommended to use a sunscreen best suited for your skin type. Avoid using body sunscreens on the face, as these are extremely heavy.

3.Eye Irritation:

Making sunscreen into the eye can make pain and eye irritation. This can also lead to burning and temporary sensitivity to light. Some require that chemical sunscreens can also cause darkness. If the sunscreen gets in the eyes, rinse them completely with cool water or see your doctor.

4.Raises The Risk Of Breast Cancer:

Sunscreen contains components that can have estrogenic effects on breast cancer cells. Some sunscreens can have impacts on blood estrogen levels. Avoid using chemical sunscreens on your children, as their skin minds to absorb the chemicals directly.

5.Pain in Hairy Areas:

There are types of sunscreen that can be difficult to choose from. They are also prepared in many forms like gels, lotions, sprays, ointments, creams and wax sticks. It is your personal choice to choose the type of sunscreen. Gels are best for hairy areas like the scalp or the male chest. Some sunscreens can guide to hardening or drying of the skin and can make the pain in hairy areas.

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