Friday, 15 September 2017

8 Interesting Things in Android Oreo8.0

              8 Interesting Things in Android Oreo 8.0

 Google release Android 8.0 Oreo makes its way slowly into the world.There are a lot of things to know about Oreo and some are very interesting.when you installed a new software in your phone don't get surprised .here are the 8 meaningful and additional things that make you surprise.

1. Snooze a notification:

This is my favorite Android 8.0 Oreo feature.
Sometimes you don't want a notification to leave, but you aren't able to check an app right now. Notification snoozing lets you delay things.
"Slow swiping" (pressing and sliding to the right) on a notification now gives you a timer icon and the settings icon. Tapping on it removes the notification from your tray but doesn't mark it as "read", and after a set amount of time, it will come back. Notifications appear with the same level of quality they first arrived with so you'll hear a sound of it will see if you have it set to do so.
Checking an app from another location (like your tablet) can kill a snoozed notification, and they can be renewed without repeating — if you were to snooze a Gmail notification, another new email wouldn't bring it back until the time is up.

2.Messaging style improvements:

There are many changes in the notification. These changes were created for your favorite messaging app. With Android Oreo 8.0, it can give quick reply balloons when dropped, or give message history when opened.

3.Notification badges:

We're all familiar with "notification dots".When you have a notification for an app that you haven't yet looked at, the app's icon will display a small colored dot in the upper-right corner. These badges follow the rules for notification channels if the app has enabled those, and are tied into cloud messaging so if you've checked on a computer or tablet, they go away on your phone.

4. Notification timeouts:

In Android 8.0 Oreo a special feature of the notifications is notification timeouts .in this notification has disappeared after it expires, even if the notification hasn't been checked.  

5. Check out a themed notification:

This one's easy: Start playing a song in Google Play Music or on YouTube. Pull down your notification panel and look at the playback controls that appear for the app. The notification will be themed to match the song's album music or the video's thumbnail, and it'll change with each new song or video.



6.Smart Text Selection:

It is one of the smartest things in android oreo if you select a URL then it will suggest you to in Chrome.If you select  a phone number, then it will suggest you  the Dialer app .if you select an address  Maps will appear in pop-in

7. Vitals:

It is a new security layer in Android. It works in the background keeping your phone more safe and secure from viruses, hackers, and worms. 


 iOS has given PiP on the iPad and some Android tablets also have PiP, we’ve yet to see it backed into Android on the phone. That’s all changing with Android Oreo. Now you’ll be able to keep watching Netflix in a tiny window if you suddenly remember you need to beat out that email you forgot to send. This is great for larger-screened phones.

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