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Home Made Remedies for Minor Burns

Home Made Remedies for Minor Burns

Small burns occurs due to catching hot vessels and some hot water pours on hands and while burning some eatable items like chapati roti etc.To get immediate treatment at that spot use the materials I.e remedies that are already available in your kitchen .

Turmeric powder: It is the first natural product to heal wounds and cuts ,It helps in rejuvenation of skin.By adding the small quantity of honey with turmeric powder applying helps in healing the small burns.It also acts as an antibacterial benefits and also used as facemark which helps in reducing the acnes ,pimples, scars etc.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is often treated as the “burn plant.” It works in effectively healing the burns .It acts as an antibacterial inflaming and also reduces swelling stimulates skin repair and helps in fast healing of that area.

Honey: Honey is one of the best antibacterial natural medicine which also helps in small burns .It not only gives good taste but also fights against infection.After applying a small amount of the honey in the burn part it also show the cooling and relieving effect.Apply this twice a day.

Vanila: Vanilla acts as a cooling agent to the burn .Take a small piece of cotton swabs and apply around the burn areas.The alcohol evaporation will extract and Cool the burn by reducing the pain.

Black Tea: Black was rich in tannic acid and helps to throw out the heat from the burns and reduces the pain.Take two teabags and make them wet and just rub on the effected area using gauze .It helps in relieving pain and make coolness in the effected part.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is high in content of vitamin Which acts as highly antibacterial oxidants against burns.Take a small swab of cotton and apply around the affected area .Note: don’t rub hardly.

Lavender Oil: Lavender Oil cures the burns quickly and reduces the pain .Take one teaspoon of pure lavender oil and mix with two ounces of water in a bottle and apply on the effected area

Milk: Milk soothes and helps in healing the burns apply milk for 15 minutes for high relief and its helps in cooling the wounded part.

Better to avoid: Ice: Irritates the skin
Egg yolk: Creates bacterial Infection
Butter:It retains heat and created bacterial
Oil :continues to burn
ToothPaste: Create Infection

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