Saturday, 16 September 2017

Homemade Foot Scrub

                                    Homemade Foot Scrub

                                                       Homemade Foot Scrub

Due to dryness and dirt on feet splits occur. The crack becomes harder and rougher outer. We can prevent this cracks at home with a natural way with homemade scrubs.

Ingredients used to make homemade scrub:

  •  White sugar – 1 cup
  •  Baking soda- 2 tablespoon
  •  Olive oil – 2 tablespoon
  •  Honey- 2 tablespoon


  • Sugar which acts as a scrub taken in a bowl
  • Olive oil acts as a good moisturizer, it clears the oiliness.Add the olive oil to the sugar and stir well.
  • Baking soda is a natural exfoliant and cleans the skin. It controls the Ph balance of the skin to ensure moisturization.
  • Honey removes the lumps and acts as an anti-aging and nourishes the dark parched skin
  • Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and stir well(don't use your hands) and store in a cool place.This scrub lasts for 2 weeks

How to use:

  • Use this scrub before a shower.
  • Massage in a circular motion and focus on the rough spots.
  • Once you wash your feet, your feet will remain moisturized because of the oil.
  • You may use this scrub for the hand also.
  • The Sponge/pumice stone removes dead skin cells for the deeper entrance of moisture.
  • After that moisturize your feet and wear can do this at night time.


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