Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Make Your Body Healthy

1.Burn Calories:Calories play an crucial role in healthy body .At the time you consume more calories than what you burn you will reach two steps behind in reaching your goal.Keep an eye how much calories you have taken in your diet and how much calories you have burn
2.Balanced Diet:Having a balanced diet doest mean make stomach empty .Need to get rid of all the junk food which contains all the excess salts and sugars which will reason for your weight loss goals.Make a try having a balanced meal plan which contains all the nutritional requirements
3.Water:Water is one of the best reasons to lose weight and remove unwanted toxins from the body.Earlier science says that drinking plenty of water in morning make you healthy and also create new blood cell and muscles cell that helps in losing weight.
4.Exerxise:Doing exercise is one of the reasons for the healthy body .Even if you follow the diet plan exercise is mandatory .Atleast 15-20 minutes of exercise is necessary for making healthy body .Its depends on the time you are doing weather in morning or evening.
5.Sleep:Sleep plays a crucial role for the good health .Getting a good quality of sleep helps in mental health ,and improves stress reduction .On an average human has to take 6 hours minimum of sleep daily to avoid health problems .


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