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Reducing Oral cancer At home

  Reducing Oral cancer At Home

The oral cancer is the 11th most common cancer observed worldwide. Oral cancer may occur on lips, cheeks, gums, tongue, tonsils, and the upper part of the throat. we all know that cancers are not preventable, the risk of cancer can be reduced by following some measures.

Risk Factors Causing oral Cancer are

  •  smoking
  •  drinking
  •  unhealthy food choices
  •  sedentary lifestyle
  •  and a family history of the condition.

  If you are an alcoholic don't drink alcohol more than 3 times a day and it may lead to oral cancer. About 90% of oral cancers are due to extreme tobacco and alcohol consumption.  exposure of lips to the Uv rays can increase the risk of oral cancer.

Reducing Risk:

Do self-examination regularly:

 Check your mouth perfectly along with back and sides of your tongue. If you notice any notable changes such as lumps or colored patches, then consult your dentist immediately.

Have oral health:

Brush your teeth regularly two times a day. Cleaning with mouthwash is also necessary to keep oral health.

Have an energetic lifestyle:

Exercise regularly it makes you be energetic throughout the day

Avoid unnecessary sun exposure

Use Uv protection lip balms to overcome  this cancer.

Quit tobacco: 

90% of oral cancer causes due to smoking. try to avoid smoking.

Limit alcohol consumption:

If you are women then drink only one glass per day, for men drink glasses per day.

Avoid HPV infection:

This infection may occur due to kissing, sharing drinks.etc.and this infection was commonly seen in smokers.

Include cancer-fighting foods in the diet:

Eat dark green leafy vegetables, grapes, garlic, flax seed, soy, green tea, and tomatoes for preventing cancer. Don't eat red meat, processed and canned foods, artificial food flavors, and deep-fried foods.

Have a regular dental examination:

Visit your doctor at least once in every six months and request for an oral cancer screening examination.


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