Wednesday, 20 September 2017

High Protein Foods

 High Protein Foods 

 There are large amount of vegetables which contains high amount of protein content .These protein content in vegetables are more that the meat and fish .If persons who are preferring gym these veggies are best option for protein content.Even thought there are protein powders which are available immediate can be taken as a drinking liquids.But veggies are much better that the shakes and powders .And also veggies which are much available can act as a high protein content.


Its structure looks like a cauliflower and has green colour .It contains high amount of nutrients than any vegetables rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins .Broccoli improves bone health, hearth health , digestive system, and also helps in maintaining proper diet.Fight with cancer causing cells and great for detoxification .

Black Beans:

Black beans contains protein 7.6 g per ½-cup serving.It was rich in finer folate and potassium and high range of nutrients .


Corn which is a amazing food topping for most of the recipes and also had a bag of proteins .It can also act as diet finer .It can be used in salads ,soups and sandwiches etc.

Spinach is good leaf veggie which was loaded with high content of protein 3 g per ½-cup serving .It also contains iron ,antioxidants well and also good for diet mode


Getting fresh peas in good season is the best option and peas contains lots of nutrients and protein content in high level .Although peas are not available in all the seasons it can be available in for pf peanut butter etc.Peas are high in iron content which helps in healthy brain activities.

Wild Rice:

Wild rice contains Protein of6.5 g per 1-cup serving (cooked).It has slight difference in case. And slightly chewy texture .Its acts good meal in cool weather .You can try for better results with cranberries and goat cheese. 


Mushrooms are natural products available in rainy season taking this are high in nutrients and protein content they also use in making slides and masala items with oil seasonings.

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